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Life Lately

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8/28/10  Okay, I will admitt that I have been working but I have also been paddling my new yak (Spring Run) as much as I can and have not worked on the new boat.  But I sure do love how the SR handles!!!  I just can’t seem to get enough of it, even the gator attack didn’t slow me down. LOL

Well sorry to say that I have not moved much with the Boobie.  I just got home tonight from giving a presentation to one of the local Woodworker Clubs ( The Florida Westcoast Woodworkers Club ) on how to build strippers.  HSN has had me working 12 hours a day 7 days a week for the last 6 weeks, and I was just hired by a new company to do what I do… Construction!!!  After 2 1/2 years of looking I finally found a job that is suited for me.  We have also been doing our fair share of camping this summer with one more trip out before I start my new job.

One of the things I have been emailed about lately is pictures of my yaks.  I did not realise that not everyone knew what to look for when searching my posts.  So here I will post the pics with the names, and if you want to see how I built them you can go on to that post

My 1st Expedition Single

My 2nd Guillemot L another Nick Schade yak from CLC

My 3rd Redfish King

My 4th Redfish Spring Run L

With my next being “The Boobie” and I am thinking a canoe after that with a sailboat coming at some point.

Guillemot L (part 4 in the water)

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04/19/09  After some modifacations I used this boat for “Water Safety” for a local swim meet.  It started out with a light chop on the water and was a good test on how the yak performs.  Let me tell you, it turns on a dime, is very playful and easy to handle.  The secondary is right on, you know exactly where it is.  And speed?  It has lots!!!   And although when paddling the bow creates a splash, so I was very currious what it would do in waves.  The splash is there, but it is pushed out the side.  No matter how hard this yak crashed down on the back side of a wave, my skirt and PFD remained dry.  I am impressed, I will have to think about making one of these for me…

04/16/09  John of CLC Boats was down here at Gandy Beach a couple of weeks ago doing a demo and I wasn’t quite ready.  But then I decided where would be a more fitting place to try out my new yak than the same place.  Hey John… still looking for that “Anas Acutas” you promised us.

Pics of me playing with it on the Maiden Voyage…  She handles so very well!!!











And now I turn the “SeaHorse over to her owner for approval…


dsc02722Can you see the smiles?



My Guillemot L (part 3 trimming it out)

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04/12/09 For those of you following my progress, you know that I am trying to move out of the shop I was using and into my garage.  Well, to day I am completely moved out.  I just unloaded the “Seahorse” in my garage ready to trim out with skeg handle, seat, deck lines, hatch straps, etc…


She looks good almost completed sitting under the “King” that is just started.


Once this yak is finished I will be devoting my time to the King, and it should go quickly.  Luckily work is starting to pick up a little so I wont have 8 hour days on it, but I will do something everyday now it is at my house.

It Is Done!

04/14/09  I finished the “SeaHorse” today while it was storming outside.  The following pics are of some of the details I did on this yak.  Tomorrow evening will be the “Virgin Float” and turning it over to it’s rightful owner.  It is like watching one of your kids leave home.  You know it will happen, but it still is hard to give up. LOL






The Handles (homemade), recess fittings, deck line










Seat and foam padding.  The back is from Necky, and the seat is CLC with an added pad





04/14/09  Here it is on my truck getting ready for it’s maiden voyage.  I hope to have lots of pics of it on the water later tonight.  Notice the Redfish King I am starting in front of it.


Peggy, I hope you like this yak.  A lot of Heart & Soul went into this one.

My Guillemot L (part 2 finishing)

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04/04/09 Today I put the fifth and final coat of varnish on the deck after spending the day with John Harris of CLC boats (http://www.clcboats.com/) on Gandy Beach here in Saint Petersburg, FL    Wish I would of had this one done to show off, but there will be time.  The next two pics are after the varnish.  I still have to varnish the hull, then rig it out.  Launching will be soon now.



03/16/09 I haven’t posted anything again, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working.  It just means the work I have been doing is boring.  I have been putting fill coats on the hull, and wet sanded the entire hull.  So even though I have been busy, there really isn’t anything new to see.  The sad part is there wont be for a couple of weeks.  Now the hull is done, I will roll her over and do the same to the deck. then start my varnishing.  Then you will see pics as I am done varnishing, and trimming out the hardware.  Other than the fill coats I have drilled the rear bulkhead for the skeg cable and  and used duct seal on the skeg box and bulkhead to keep things water tight.  I also laid out for my foot pegs and prepped them.

03/10/09 It’s been a couple of days since I posted anything, but I have been working… well kind of.  Sat. I spent about 20min puttying and sealing the sheer line, Mon. I set the ribbon I use on the port side, and today I set the ribbon on the starboard side.  That only takes a couple of hours on each side.



03/06/09 Had a hard time getting motivated, but still managed to get a few things done.  I started with installing both bulkheads, and filleting 3/4s of the way around on one side of each.  Then I moved on to sanding the drain ports for the hatches, and then cutting out and installing the hatch rims, and once that was done I hoisted it back in the air and did a end pour in the bow.


03/05/09 Not an exciting day today, I rolled the yak over and seam taped the other side, and then left to run some errands.  Picking up materials for my next build (Redfish King).  When I came back I lifted the yak up to do an end pour on the stern end.


03/04/09 I started the day by cutting out my hatches, and then started strapping the two halves together and seam taped one side together.  I must say that this is the hardest part of kayak building.  Trying to get the tape & epoxy along the seam from bow to stern is a royal pain.


03/03/09  Coming back from a nice weekend paddle (see Cayo Costa), and suffering through jury duty on Monday, I managed to do a little work on the boat today.  I laid out the recesses for the deck lines, the u-bolts on the ends, and the hatches.  I pre-drilled for the u-bolts and then filled the holes with epoxy to seal the wood from any moisture,


and then I drilled the holes for the deck line recesses and installed them. 


Then I did my final fill coat of epoxy on the inside of the deck.  I also discovered that the foot pegs are going to mount right at the seam line.  So I guess I will have to mount it on blocks instead of using thru bolts. 

02/27/09 Today I installed the combing.  It is really hard to take a saw to the body you have worked so hard to shape.  But taking your time and fitting the combing a dozen times and slowly cutting away what is needed, you end up with a nice tight fit.  Add to that a nice epoxy/wood flour putty along the outside and you end up with a nice product.  Also installed the skeg handle block.



The pile of items left to install before I start the varnish work is getting smaller…


02/26/09  Today I finished with the major glassing… the inside of the deck including reinforcing.  Put a second fill coat on the inside of the hull, and started my idea of wood carry handles.  I like the feel of “Kayak Karry” handles which I can no longer find, so I am constructing my own out of some mahogany veneer I am laminating.

02/25/09  I striped the forms out today, did a little light sanding on the inside of the hull,


and glassed the inside of the hull.  Thanks to my contacts at US Composites ( http://www.uscomposites.com/) for giving me a great deal on the kevlar hybrid material for my cockpit area, I laid the reinforcing cloth as well.


Time to box up the forms till I can make another one of these yaks for me.



02/24/09 Today was productive in a simple kind of way.  I added the reinforcing glass to the bottom of the hull, added my graphics, the boats name and my serial number.











The serial number is on the port stern, the name is on the front of the combing, and my Seahorse graphic of course is on both sides of the bow.

I also took the 14 recess deck plugs and epoxied them to seal them before installation





02/23/09 I split the deck and the hull today, and glassed the outside of the hull.  This is the first layer of glass, and I will add reinforcing tomorrow.


02/22/09 I remembered my camera!!!  And I put a 2nd fill coat of epoxy on the boat.  I remember being told that many thin coats are better than less thick coats, so I am trying to keep them very thin.  I still have the fabric where it is covered but not filled.  I am going to stop here with the outside of the deck and finish the fill coats after installing the skeg handle, deck line recesses, and combing.  Limiting the amount of epoxy used and trying to keep the weight down.


stern to bow

Sorry about the bright sun shinning in on the wet epoxy


bow to stern

I also worked on the combing and glassed the other side of the plywood I am going to use for my bulkheads.

This is after the first coat of epoxy


02/21/09 Well, I went into the shop to clean it and get it ready to start glassing next week.  Well, that went so well, and dust had settled out, so I decided to see if I could glass it by myself.  I picked up a roll of “Boat Mask” wich is a piece of plastic conected to a roll of tape kind of like a masking machine.  After you tape the seam, you can unfold the plastic and it hangs a couple of feet down.  I figured if it came from the local fibreglass dealer, it should work better then painters paper did on my first yak. LOL  We will see.  I dug out the 30″ glass andunrolled it on the deck… I could not stand it, I had to dig out the epoxy and do my first fill.  Peggy came by and I recruited her help spreading epoxy.  The bad news is I didn’t take my camera, so I dont have any pics, but I will take it tomorrow!!!  The colors are looking really nice and rich, it is going to be a pretty yak.

My Guillemot L (part one building)

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02/18/09 Well I have been busy fairing, and sanding on the boat, and today I put a seal coat of epoxy on the deck.  I hope to start laying glass early next week and will have fresh pictures then, there is just nothing new to see yet.  I have learned something new on this yak, building a combing is a pain in the A__!!!  And I am still not even done with it yet.  But I know that it being wood instead of the pre-made glass one I used on my other yak will look good, and the decision to put wooden fittings for the deck rigging will just top it off.  So starting next week watch for “part 2 the finishing”

02/09/09  It has been awhile since I posted anything here, I have been busy with selling excess gear, and working on the combing, skeg, and cockpit recess.  But here are some pics of how she is looking so fardscf2314



02/04/09 As you can tell from the pic below, The deck pattern is done.  I am starting with my cockpit recess.  This is a slow process, so after I glue up one piece in front, and one in back, I work on the skeg and combing, then back to the recess


02/03/09 I have taken a few days off to take care of business (laundry, Anita’s B-day(my sis-in-law)) but thought I would at least post the newest pic of progress



01/29/09 I finished the pattern on the starboard side, glued up a jig to make my combing, and made the blocks for the skeg handle.

01/27/09 Just worked on the deck and laying out the combing.  The pattern is now set.

01/26/09 I took the day off and had a wonderful paddle across Tampa Bay.  What a great day on the water.

01/25/09 It was a quick day today, I just epoxied the skeg parts, and laid out where the pattern and combing fit.

01/24/09 I have come to the conclusion that there is something very satisfing in taking a block plane to your boat to fare it out and producing curls of wood shavings.  I finished the mahogany highlight strip and filled in the other bow quarter panel.



And until you are done there is never enough clamps to fill the job


01/23/09 Well, today I worked on filling in the (what I call front quarter panel) red cedar up front on one side.  Continueing with the mahogany stripe at the stern.  And made some more red cedar strips. And I even sanded the front stem to shape.  It is really taking shape. I forgot my camera at the shop so I will have to post pics tomorrow or when ever I get the camera. 

So I am going to take this moment to let everyone know that the shop I am using isn’t really mine.  It belongs to a friend who is also looking for work and is not using it, not having any jobs.  I have a two car garage full of tools, but since I put in the laundry room, it is not long enough to house my yaks.  So I just haul my stuff over and use Gordons shop.  So incase I forget to mention it, Thank you Gordon.

01/22/09  The weather here is still to cold to work on the yak.  Hahahaha, it may only be 35, but we dont have heaters here in FL.  Well, titebond still works and so do clamps.  So I have my highlight stripe started.  Cold mahogany does not bend well, nor does it take staples, had to use finish nails to hold it in place.



I decided that the red cedar and mahogany was to close in color to be next to each other, so I am going to picture frame the red cedar in white cedar.

01/20/09 Well I posted a question on CLC Boat Forum a couple of days ago and got no feedback.  It looks like there is more help on S&G yaks than strippers.  So I am going to attempt doing my pattern the way I did my first one.  Hopefully I will have pics to show progress tomorrow.  Meanwhile… I have started working on the skeg, but still thinking about how to make the recess for the skeg handle.

01/16/09 YAHOO!!!  I finished stripping the hull today, and glued my stem pieces on.  She looks like a yak, well she really looks like a canoe without the deck, but she will soon be a yak.


And I have all these tiny little nails to pull


01/15/09 Well, it has been awhile since I posted any progress on this yak so it must be time.  Some of the things I have discovered is that cedar does not bend as well as the hardwood I used on my first one.  And short pieces (8ft) are more time consuming than the 16ft long pieces I used on my first yak.  And third… Everything I read, said to use staples in construction.  Well I figured I have this 23 (tiny)gauge pin nailer I use for work and it leaves such a small hole you can’t really see it.  Well it is so small, it won’t even hold the cedar when it is in a bind.  The cedar just pulls off, or the bind of the wood just bends the tiny nails.  I started using 1/2 inch staples today and it is amazing how well it works.  I guess the people that do this for a living might know more about building kayaks than I do.  But I am willing to bet that I can still trim a house or hang doors faster than they can!

I am almost done stripping the hull, and I have the ends shaped for the stem strips.dscf2165

On the bottom I decided to stagger the strips to give it some what of a pattern for I am convinced that the fish that will be swimming by like to look at pretty things too. LOLdscf2168

And as you can see, I have lots of work in pulling staples and scaping glue before I can start fairring the hull into shape.  But at last I can see a wonderful kayak starting to take shape.


01/08/09 Still at the point of watching glue dry after putting on 1 piece at a time.  Not a lot of progress but I do have 3 strips down each side complete from stern to bow.  As you can tell from the next pic, there is no such thing as to many clamps!dscf2162

01/06/09 I finished setting my forms and getting them sanded and taped.  I also started setting my shearlines.dscf21601

12/20/08 I built my strongback and started setting my forms

12/18/08 Okay, it is now time to start my winter project, my next Yak.  Design has been drawn, material gathered and time on my hands with this economy slump.  This yak will be different in the fact it will be mostly cedar and mahogany.  I have decided to make the cockpit a little larger, and this will be my first wood cockpit rim.  I will be posting my progress with pictures as I work on this winter project here in Sunny Florida.


This is the design I am hoping for.  The yellow (including the hull) will be white cedar as well as the cockpit area, the tan will be mahogany, and the purple will be red cedar.  I decided to use ash for the stem strips on the outside of the bow and stern.  I am installing a skeg using the system that a lot of composite yaks use, with a recess handle and cable to operate.  Instead of Carbon Fibre seam tape I used on my first kayak, I am going to try and use a tapestry ribbon.

I would like to put a drawing of a Unicorn on the bow if I can find one that I like, that is what this Kayak reminds me of, maybe a Seahorse