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Making a Combing (my way)

In Combing, Wood Kayak on January 29, 2010 at 4:53 am

In this post you will see pictures from several different builds.  That is because I didn’t think anyone else would be interested in how I do it.  So I have gathered the combing pics from different builds and will most likely end with the Spring run build.

Once I found the size that I like, which uses a “Seal Skirt” 1.7, I glued up some 1 X 6s edge to edge.

Then I made a frame to match

And a leg post out of 2 X 4s

Then I traced the first pattern to the frame

Then glued the 2 patterns together and mounted the post

Sanded the forms(patterns) so they matched each other, added some feet to the post and taped the forms

On my first 2 I stapled (nail) the strips to the pattern.  I cut my strips to 4″ in length except for the back and cheek plates which I make longer.  This makes installing the backband easier.

On the Spring Run, I am using rubber bands

Meanwhile as I glue those pieces up, I cut12 – 12″ pieces of strips for my thigh braces.  I glue 6 pieces together and wrap them around a 5 gallon bucket (notice that the center is not glued together).

After the glue dries, I sand these smooth and then glass them

By now I have finished stripping the form which I sand and add 6 oz. glass tape to the outside

Once I have a couple of coats of epoxy on it, I remove it from the forms and lay it on the Kayak recess so I can scribe the lift of the recess.  If you look close at the next picture you can see the scribe line.

Once I have my line scribed, I rip some Ash to 1/4 X 3/8 inches and bend them around the coaming matching my scribe line.  I glue and clamp one piece of Ash at a time using LOTS of clamps.

Once I have a lip that is 3/4″ wide, I use a belt sander to clean the rim down even with the lip.

I coat both the lip and rim in epoxy and let dry.  Once it is dry I remove it from the forms and sand the inside.  Then using the same 6 oz. tape I epoxy the inside.

I mix up a little epoxy, silica, and wood flour placing a small fillet on the underside of the lip

With the recess cut-out to fit the rim tightly, I slide it in using a 1″ spacer between the recess and the underside of the lip.  Then using more fillet mixture I glue the outside of the rim to the recess.

When it is set, I turn the deck over and trim any excess hanging through and shaping the cheek plates and back plate.  Then add another fillet to the inside.

With the combing installed, I cut the thigh braces to shape and locate them to the combing.  Using 5 minute epoxy I glue them in place.  Then using a color match fillet mixture, I add a 1/2″ wide fillet all the way around the braces.  Sand smooth and apply a finish coat of epoxy.  Using contact cement I glue 1/4″ closed cell foam to the underside of the braces and the combing is complete.