About Me

I am in my early 50’s by counting the years I have been on this earth, but there are some who think I am still in my teens mentally.  But let me tell you, when I get up in the morning, I am in my 80’s hahahaha

I love kayaking, Open water preferred.  Presently I am on my way to owning my own fleet.  My yaks include an Atlantis Titan, P&H Cappella 166rm, Necky Manitou 14, and soon to add a Guillemot L, a Redfish Spring Run, and then I am going to try my own design.  Others in our fleet include Wilderness Tempest Pro 18, Dagger Charleston 15, Eddyline Sandpiper (Beaners yak)

I have made a discovery that there are no classes or kayak builders in the Southeast US.  So if you know anyone who is wanting to build a strip yak, needs help building their yak, or maybe you just want a yak of your dreams, then please contact me at kev_th@yahoo.com.  I now have 2 commission yaks to build.  The 1st one is a Redfish King for a man in TN.  It will be the next kayak to watch being built on this blog.  The 2 nd one is a Guillemot Petral for a young man here in FL.  I am very jealous of this because I truly love the lines of this yak and I know it will be so playful on the water, but I will never fit it… curses of being big.

Also if you are a builder that wants to show off a kayak you built, please let me know, I would love to post pics and your comments here.

I have been selling my excess stuff and totally amazed at how fast everyone is buying my stuff up, so now I am going to have to go through the garage, shed, spare room, lockers, anywhere I might have more equipment.   Also if you have kayak stuff (after all this is a blog about kayaking) contact me.  I am getting over 200 hits a day on average and would love to make it 2000.  Call it a Kayak Swap Page.

Being unemployed, I want to Thank everyone for their support.  And if you know anyone looking for a Finish Carpenter, please let me know!

  1. I miss the blog entries, have you been working on any new builds?

  2. nice wood hope that your back to work soon.you have a lot of talent.im working on a wood duck and hope to have it done this month or next.thanks for the insight and the hope for my kayak.

  3. Love the new boat…
    Just finished mine http://s457.photobucket.com/albums/qq299/BradDavis_2008/?start=0

    If your in the Tampa area we have a group: http://www.meetup.com/Tampa-Bay-Kayak-Group/

    Great Blog

    See ya on the water

    • So what model is it? It looks like a redfish, no rub rail so not a Bear Mountain, not a CLC that I know of? So let me ask you what everyone asks me… How much does it weigh, how long did it take you in man hours, how does it paddle, how long / wide? And then my personal question… do you have to leave 30 minutes early to paddle because of the Parking Lot Syndrome? LOL

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