Goodbye Tilley Mae

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2010 at 10:52 am

I lost my Best Friend of the last 14 years on thursday Sept 23.  You may have seen pictures of her as my shop dog in previous posts

And those that where lucky enough to know her knew she was the Sweetest most spoiled girl in the world.  She was happiest when she could be outside with me greeting all that came by and hope for a pet or two.  Everyone in the nieghborhood knew her well and would ask where she was if she wasn’t outside with me

She was how ever the most camera shy dog I have ever known.  She would give me “The Look” everytime a camera was brought out. LOL

And yes she was very spoiled… by everyone

She truely loved her Peanut Butter and Ice Cream

And who could not LOVE this????

Even in her teenage time of 6 months she was a goof

The only thing she hated in life was water… Hey go figure. LOL

Insecurity was never an issue…..

Good Bye Matilda Mae.  I will miss you so much!

  1. I’m sorry that you lost your wonderful friend. I still miss a dog a had as a child and I am older than you.

    Has the sale kit listed on your page been sold? I’d love to buy it.

  2. Hey Kevin,

    Sorry to hear about this. There are a lot of animal friends I hope are waiting for me in the next world. And I figure my good old dog from years ago will be among the first to come bounding up with a wildly-enthusiastic, dog-slobbery, tail-wagging welcome. I still miss that old girl and it’s been over 35 years. She was part Lab and afraid of the water too! Tillie Mae looks like a real sweetheart.


    • Thanks Eric, She was something very special and gave me 15 years of smiles. Although I have another dog, none will ever replace Tilly

  3. she to will be seen again on that day of our crossing,I understand your pain thats why we remember the good times.My hats off to you kev.

    • I want to thank everyone for thier thoughts, I wish some of you could of known her. Everyone in the neighborhood misses her

  4. Tilley Mae will be missed!! I will always remember her whining at the window before we left to go on paddle trips & how she would wrinkle her nose & pull up her lips when I would lean in for a kiss on her head!! Kevin, I know you will miss Her,Such a Sweet Puppie!! Keep your Tail wagging, Brother.

  5. A sweet touching tribute for such a sweet girl!!

  6. It’s tough losing a friend of that many years!

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