Spring Run (part 6 finishing a yak)

In Spring Run, Wood Kayak on June 6, 2010 at 4:35 pm

6/23/10 For now the pics show it on the water

6/22/10  The yak is loaded on the truck along with the Guillemot that I built.  Boy are they way different in shape from the bow to the stern.

And don’t they both look good on the truck

6/21/10  Tonight I hooked up the rudder, installed my foam, secured the seat, and ran my deck lines and handles.  It is going to hit the water Wed after work as long as the weather holds out.

6/20/10  Well I was very lucky and was able to use a “Paint Booth” this weekend.  And it was nice.  I also tried out a new Air Sander from Mirka.  What a dream!  The yak is getting closer and closer to hitting the water.

While I was sanding mine down with 320 grit paper, I decided to go ahead and do repairs to Peggy’s yak.

And now that they are sanded and in the booth,

it is time to start spraying…

All that is left is the rudder, seat and deck lines.  Looks like a Wed Launch to me!!!!

Here are a couple of pics of the whole yak while it is sitting on the stand, It is hard to see the colors till I get it on the water

6/17/10  Flipped and coated

I just love the combing

6/13/10  FINALLY!!!!  The epoxy wet sanding is done.

And now it is time to start the varnish coats.  I am going to put 5 coats on with a 4″ foam mini roller, and then sand smooth and spray my final 2 coats.  I will work on the hull for the next 5 days (5 coats) and then flip her over to do the 5 coats on the deck.

She is looking good, from a distance anyway. LOL

6/07/10  Well I decided this was a good place to start my final chapter on building this yak.  I am wet sanding the epoxy getting it ready for the varnish.  I  only have one way of doing this and that is by hand.  After 2 days I feel like my arms are going to fall off, but the deck and combing are done and about a 4th of the hull.

The slurry builds quick and you have to keep it washed off.  The nice thing about washing it off is that you get to see what it will look like with the varnish

  1. That is very fine woodworking and can tell you have honed your craftmanship well.Maybe I will see you on the water some day.I grew up woodworking with some Amish in Idiana and just took up Kayaking when I moved to Florida last year from Idaho so I apreciate all aspects of your blog.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Kevin….. Is there anybody out there? Kayak ROLL Please!!!!…………. And the verdict on the Flying South NEW YAK IS???? HUH, HUH, HUh,tell me, tell me NOW!!!!!!! Inqiuring minds want to KNOW!!!!

    -Sea Turtle Sean AKA-Pepperbutt.

  3. Hopefully they will find the energy to finish tonight

  4. From the looks of it, your arms did a fine job on this yak.

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