Spring Run (part 5 making a yak)

In Spring Run, Wood Kayak on April 26, 2010 at 10:19 pm

6/5/10  I have finished with my epoxy … I think.  Tonight I started wet sanding the deck to get it ready for varnish.  I also completed my hatches with adding the hold down cords on the inside and the neoprene gasket on the lips.  These seem to be the best fitting hatches to date.  Hopefully I will finish sanding this weekend and start the varnish next week.

6/01/10  I’m on a run now!!!  Tonight after work I flipped the yak over and started sanding down the hull.  I ended up having way to many runs from doing the deck, so I taped the deck off and started with a fresh coat of epoxy.  I am going to have to add 2 coats and then try and sand it smooth again.  I was a little worried about digging into the cloth, so I will thicken the whole hull and then sand it smooth.

5/31/10  I guess it has been awhile since I posted anything, but at least this time I have managed to get a few things done.  Since my last post I did seam the inside of the yak and I cut out my hatches so I could reach inside to do the seaming.  I didn’t take pics of it because it really isn’t anything to see.  Now with that done, I got busy with other things.  The first being installing the hatch rims and making the drain grooves

I added a fillet of wood flour to the underside of the cockpit rim, sanded it all smooth and then cut out my thigh braces that I made earlier and attached them to the combing

And as you can see in the pics, I installed my footbraces.  I did this because it is easier to install them before I mount the front bulkhead.  What can I say, I am too old and fat to crawl inside the kayak to get to the front bolts when I can reach them from the front hatch.

And seeing as how I had to make the front one and install, might as well do the rear one as well

All the holes for the seat have been drilled and refilled.  And while I was using the fillet glue on the bulkheads, I glued the hatch hold down brackets in place

And I have ended this weekend with sanding the deck and applying the final coat of epoxy.

After I work the hull, then I will wet sand the entire yak and varnish it.

5/12/10  Today I leave for 5 days of camping and Paddling in Central Florida.  So I wont have any new postings for a little while but stay tuned to see what I have to say about this years Poker Run.

5/11/10  I started cutting out the hold downs for the hatches since I decided to not use external webbing.  I liked the way it worked on the “King” that I built.

and I also discovered that the P&H seat I was planning to use wont work because it doesn’t fit.  But Lucky Me!!!  I have a brand new 6 point deluxe seat out of a Wilderness Tempest 18 Pro that fits PERFECT!

And the colors of the woods I used are starting to show thier flair.

5/09/10  I started wrapping the combing with the 1/4 X 1/4 inch rips of Ash to create the lip

And as you can see it takes a whole lot of clamps

5/02/10  Well, I have been a little frustrated with this build the last couple of days and just been thinking about it.  When I glued the two halves together, I must of unclamped it to soon because the port side let go leaving a mess.  So I decided to cut away the mess the best I could and tape the starboard side with 6oz glass tape (I did that last night).  I also placed my serial numbers on the yak while I was taping it.  I think I am the only builder that puts a serial number on my yaks, but it seems to make sense to me?

  Getting up at 6 AM this morning I quickly reglued and clamped the port side back where it belongs.  I wont be removing these clamps for two days. HAhahaha  Well with that all clamped up, I decided to start installing the combing.  I ended up cutting off the cheek plates because I am going to use a seat from a P&H kayak, and with it being a full system, I reduced the size of the back plate.  After I scribed the recess on to the side of the combing I scribed another line 1 1/2″ above and removed it.  Then I placed it in the hole and taped the underside edge so it was flush with the inside of the yak, and around the ouside so I can keep my fillet nice and clean.

As you can tell from the swoops of the profile, I am glad I made this 4″ tall on the form.  I went from one edge to the other to fit this yak.

And with things going so well this morning, I decided to lay out the rudder I am using on this yak

So with the pintle screwed in place and the cable housings set, I can do the drill, fill, drill. and now have to remove everything.

4/28/10  Today I spent helping Don Thompson of “Big D’s Kayaking” build a pergola on his back porch giving him shade and shelter while working on yaks.  It was a long day and another day of ignoring the yak.

4/27/10  After working all day I went to the St. Petersburg Woodworkers Guild to do a presentation on how to build a Strip Kayak, so not much got done on the yak today

4/26/10  Well today is the start of it coming together.  I have joined the deck to the hull.  I am doing something different this time, I am glueing up the outside first.  From this point on it will be a lot of sanding and epoxy.

I also worked on glassing the hatch rims and bulkhead plywood and then had to stop so I could make a mock up of kayak for a presentation for a local woodworkers guild.  I am showing how to hull with staples, and the deck stapleless.


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