Spring Run (part 4 finishing the deck)

In Spring Run, Wood Kayak on April 20, 2010 at 11:16 pm

4/24/10  I had a safety meeting this morning for the St. Anthony’s Triathalon and didn’t get started till noon.  So I laid out my deck line recesses and the u-bolts on the ends.  I drilled an oversized hole for the U-bolts so that I can fill them with epoxy and drill them again.  The ol’ drill, fill, drill method.

And then I drilled the holes for the recesses, and filed each cup down for a custom fit on the inside.

I used Mahogany cups on the dark wood,  and Ash cups on the light wood.

With the deck upside down, I glued each recess in by coating the entire cup in epoxy.  While waiting on the deck to dry, I laid out my foot brace bolts on the inside of the hull and glued them in place with fibreglass reinforcement.  The bolts are covered in blue tape to keep the epoxy off the threads

4/23/10  Well it was epoxy day today.  First I finished sanding the top deck, and then laid out the glass cloth

then I proceeded to wet it out with epoxy

after I got the first coat of epoxy on, I mixed up some more epoxy and using the scrap cloth proceeded to glass a 2′ X 4′ piece of 1/8″ plywood to use as bulkheads later.  I will have to do another one to make my hatch rims.

and finished the last of the glassing on my combing as well as the final coat of epoxy on the thigh braces.

By then the deck was dry enough to lay a second coat of epoxy on the deck.  With that done it was time to put everything up for the day.  That was when I realised I have a garage full of boat!!!

The only thing I didn’t get done was the final coat of the inside hull, but tomorrow is another day, and I was ready to go out for a paddle.

4/22/10  No pics tonight, all I did was sand.  The combing, thigh braces, and inside hull are all sanded and ready for the final coat of epoxy.  The top of the deck is 1/2 sanded.  So tomorrow I will finish sanding the deck, and glass it.  Then put my final coat of epoxy on everything else.  I will have pics then.

4/21/10  I know it has been months since I have done any work on the yak, but if you read the other posts you will see why.  The day after I got back from Charleston, I started working on her again.  I laid my glass on the underside of the deck, and recoated my combing.  Today I added the second coat of epoxy to the deck and sanded the inside of the combing getting it ready for glass.

3/25/10   Just spent a few minutes sanding the fill coat on the underside of the deck.

2/7/10  It was a busy day today.  I mixed up some cab-o-sil and epoxy to put on a seal coat on the underside of the deck.  You can see the lights I am using for heat in my shop.  It is in the 60s here in FL… we think it is COLD!!!

Although most of this will be sanded off, it still fills all the voids to make a smooth surface for the glass to lay on.

Then I glassed my combing wall, and thigh braces plus epoxied the holders for my shock cord on the hatch hold downs.

2/4/10    Okay, now once again I feel like I am getting somewhere.  The cockpit recess is all glued up, as well the combing wall.

So tomorrow I hope to finish my exterior sanding and maybe even start glassing the yak.

1/31/10  It has been a couple of days since I posted anything, and it may be a while for the next one, looks like I have work this week. LOL  How ever this week I have been continuing my work on the recess which is almost done

And I did what I call a seal/putty coat over the entire yak and started my faring sanding

Plus I continue my work on the cockpit rim, it is all glued up and I will start sanding it now so that I can start glassing the outside.  You will notice the style matches the deck.  Sad thing is no one will see it when I have my skirt on because only the inside of this will be seen. LOL

1/25/10  As my last post said… I have been working on the cockpit recess and the combing.  It is slow going and if anyone out there has a faster easier way, PLEASE let me know

And I continue to work on the combing…


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