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I’m Sorry, but I have been busy

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A friend just sent me pics of a yak he wants to sell, so if you are looking for a yak to add to your fleet check out my “Classifieds” page.  I have a couple of nice yaks there.  Besides I may even have these guys as future customers, and I could always use that.

Well since the last time I worked on my yak or this blog we had a long cold (for Florida) spell.  And not having a heated garage, well I don’t want to build while being miserable.  Also work as picked up a little for me and before the time change, it was hard to go out in the cold and dark.

Adding to that the famous Sweetwater Kayak Symposium which was supposed to be 3 days of instructional kayaking and fun.  I ended up working on friday instead of playing on the water.  Saturday was a nasty day, but I went out just to paddle with Nigel Foster, but I went way under dressed for the conditions, not because I don’t have the gear, but because I was stubborn and stupid.  I had to leave at lunch time when my lips turned blue and after many cups of hot coffee, a scolding hot shower and 5 hours of being wrapped up in Down blankets, I finally found warmth in my body again.  Sunday was the last day and I was much more prepared for it.  My classes that day were with Tom Nichols.  Let me tell you, if you ever get the chance to paddle with Tom… TAKE IT!!!  I found him to take the time to show you exactly what or how to do something and will work with you till you learn it.  He also wants to know what you think of it after you learn it and shows you options if you don’t like it.  All during the classes, he treats you as a friend, not a student.  Thanks Tom.

Then I had a couple of weeks of nasty weather and work… where does all the time go?

I also am working with “The St. Petersburg Woodcrafters Guild” in trying to set up a workshop on making kayaks.  I am to be the guest speaker again in April showing off one of my yaks and how I build it.  Then for people who are interested in making their own kayak, we will meet after to discuss the workshop.

Then what do you know… the “Bad Weather Trio” strikes out again to go camping in North Florida to a piece of property that Sean Owns.  This is a yearly trip that we take when the weather allows primitive camping. 

 This year the Suwannee river is flooded and running very fast.  So we went over to the Ichetucknee River/Springs.  It is State run and I copped an attitude.  To tube the river or swim it has a cost of $6 a car load, but to launch a kayak, it is $5 per kayak.  Something wrong there.  I am sure that Sean and Peggy will have more about this trip on thier blogs.

I still have work, but with Daylight Savings Time now in affect I hope to start on the yak again.  it is April almost and the local triathalons are starting up again, and then we leave in 3 weeks for Charleston SC to the 20th ECCKF.  If you are there you will find us on site #8

In May we will be going to a kayak Poker Run put on by the Marion County Aquaholics.

Gee, we dont have anything posted for June yet… maybe I will get the Spring Run done by July.