Spring Run (part 3 begining the deck)

In Spring Run, Wood Kayak on January 20, 2010 at 1:43 pm

01/21/10  YAHOO!!!!  The deck is stripped out.   Now to start the cockpit recess.  Then I will putty and sand the whole thing.  This pic is looking down the bow

And the spots you see is this mornings rainwater dripping off the trees.  Here is the opposite view


 And now for the side view…


 And this next one shows the colors of the woods better

01/20/10  Okay, for those of you that follow my blog, you will notice certain words that are highlighted.  If you click on them, it will take you to a whole new web site that is connected to the name or event.  Might save you from a whole lot of Googling. LOL

Okay as I promised yesterday, I have a few pics to share.  As you can see, the front half of the deck is stripped out…

and I am on the home stretch on the back half

A little more White Cedar (aka AWC) and I will be doing my cockpit recess.

And speaking of the cockpit, I have started my combing

And as the combing progresses, I will start a separate article showing how I make mine.

01/19/10   Okay!  I know I have been slacking in my posts, but between being away for the holidays, then coming home to 2 weeks of lots of work, temperatures here in FL lower than they were in Denver CO., and my just getting things back in order, I just haven’t been working on the yak.  But I have a new goal now… my friend Russell Farrow of Sweetwater Kayaks is having his annual symposium at the end of feb and I am signed up to take 3 days of classes with Nigel Foster and how cool would it be to have this yak done in time????  I worked on it all day today and will post pics tomorrow.  I hope to get quite a jump on it by the weekend (some of us are discussing going kayak camping this weekend).

12/06/09  Just to let everyone know, the Turkey was PERFECT!  The weather was questionable however.  Now on to the build…

Again doing these little 2 foot pieces stapleless, it just does not seem to go very fast.  But here are the pics as to what I have to date.  I am now working with the WRC on the stern end, and still with the AWC on the bow end (actually the middle)

And overall

11/24/09  Well, the holidays are on us and I have come to realise there is no way it will be done by Christmas.  The weather has cooled down here in Florida and it is the perfect time for Kayaking, and camping.  And we will be starting this weekend with 4 days of fun.  I am already drooling with thoughts of our annual “Trash Can Turkey”

I haven’t been posting much because putting a couple of 2 foot strips at a time on the yak just doesn’t feel like I am going anywhere very fast.  So I will post pics of what I have done so far and let you decide. LOL  I am still not sure how this is going to look when it is done

This first pic was the bow when I last posted

This is how far I have gotten on the bow now

And looking at the bow from the center line

Working in confined quarters, I turned the yak around to start the stern.  Here I am with it, and yes it looks like the bow did a month ago.

And if you use your mind to stitch the next 2 pics you can see how the entire yak looks.  Yes I did it on my puter but it made the pic to smal to see anything in this post, so just use your mind…

11/06/09  I continue to glue up little strips while working on the hull at the same time


As you can tell from the following pics, I have finished the bow point in Paduk with a Mahogany behind it, and am now working on the Dark Red Cedar.



11/01/09  As of today I am starting to strip my deck now, I think you can see from the pics what the basic design is going to be….



Although I had to staple/nail the first row on, I am happy to say that I am back to using my “Doodads” to secure the strips.



My biggest delima now is the fact I used a hot melt glue gun to set the shear strip and I am not sure how easy it will be to strip the forms when I am done. LOL    I also have to remember to re-tape the forms before I continue or I will have a real problem stripping the forms.

  1. Hull looks great,can’t wait to see the deck.I’m curious if you cut the holes for the spine or if they cut them? Keep up the good work,hope your back feels better. Dale

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