Redfish King (part 7 Delivery)

In Kayaking, Redfish King, Wood Kayak on August 12, 2009 at 1:08 am

Truck loaded and all hooked up for the trip.  I wrapped the new Yak in a “Danu” cover to protect it from any menacing bugs, stones or anything that might want to hurt it before it is delivered.  Actually this pic was taken in the parking lot of the motel we stayed at in Chattanooga TN.



Our camp site at Norris Dam State Park.  We are all set up and waiting on Kevin to show up for his yak.


Kevin unwrapping his yak for the first time.  Does he look excited?


Strapping it down to his car the first time… it looks good on his car.


The classic pose with builder/Kayak/Owner.  Now I am 6′ and Kevin is 6’2″ and you can see that the cockpit combing doesn’t even reach our heads.  Shows how big this yak really is.


Floating and smiling… what else is there?


He sits it well, and it rides the water well


A pic for his Mom. LOL


Here we sit at the Norris Dam wondering how to get through.  Okay maybe not…



Well, might as well head back to camp it has been a fine paddle….




Well it is tuesday nite and my bags are packed.  We will be leaving soon on another road trip with our camping trailer and 3 yaks.  I am actually looking forward to taking this newest yak to her proper owner and hope to be able to post lots of pics of this trip.  So stay tuned for a week or so.  And then after that I will be starting a whole new series.  Tennessee HERE WE COME!!!!!!

  1. I LOVE THIS KAYAK!!! From the very begining Kev was great to work with. Any question I had he was quick to answer with a wealth of knowledge and expierence. The whole design and building process was so much fun I almost miss it, fortunately I have a killer ‘yak to compensate. This boat handles like a sportscar compared to my old Prijon and after a few paddle sessions to find the seat position fits like a well-worn glove. I’ve been out in it every other day since delivery and enjoy it more every time. Thanks again Kev for a once-in-a-lifetime kayak and a ticket to freedom for many years to come! Looking forward to paddling together again soon.

  2. What a beautiful piece of handmade ART you have made Kevin,once again! As someone who does quite a bit of paddling with you, I am still in awe with what YOU can turn strips of wood into! I know the boats owner will be as happy with her as I am knowing you and having you as my friend! Have a safe trip and call if you need me to RESCUE you! I would paddle 500 miles, just to be the next to paddle with you!!!!!!!!

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