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Redfish King (part 7 Delivery)

In Kayaking, Redfish King, Wood Kayak on August 12, 2009 at 1:08 am

Truck loaded and all hooked up for the trip.  I wrapped the new Yak in a “Danu” cover to protect it from any menacing bugs, stones or anything that might want to hurt it before it is delivered.  Actually this pic was taken in the parking lot of the motel we stayed at in Chattanooga TN.



Our camp site at Norris Dam State Park.  We are all set up and waiting on Kevin to show up for his yak.


Kevin unwrapping his yak for the first time.  Does he look excited?


Strapping it down to his car the first time… it looks good on his car.


The classic pose with builder/Kayak/Owner.  Now I am 6′ and Kevin is 6’2″ and you can see that the cockpit combing doesn’t even reach our heads.  Shows how big this yak really is.


Floating and smiling… what else is there?


He sits it well, and it rides the water well


A pic for his Mom. LOL


Here we sit at the Norris Dam wondering how to get through.  Okay maybe not…



Well, might as well head back to camp it has been a fine paddle….




Well it is tuesday nite and my bags are packed.  We will be leaving soon on another road trip with our camping trailer and 3 yaks.  I am actually looking forward to taking this newest yak to her proper owner and hope to be able to post lots of pics of this trip.  So stay tuned for a week or so.  And then after that I will be starting a whole new series.  Tennessee HERE WE COME!!!!!!

Redfish King (part 6 Finished)

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Length    17′ 9″       Width    20 1/2″          Deck Height   11 1/2″      Weight  43 pounds

 Hours to construct  310  man hours  3 1/2 months in Duration


Western Red Cedar, Atlantic White Cedar, Padauk, with Ash in the line recesses and combing lip, and 1/4″ okoume plywood for the bulkheads.

Maas Epoxy, 4 oz. E glass, Eiphanes varnish


08/03/09  Today I dry buffed the entire yak, and then started all the outfitting.  I ran all the deck lines, installed handles that I made to match, and then worked on the seat.  I have to tell everyone that this “IR” backband is the primo of backbands.  I called a friend to ask if I could use her scale at her work to see what it weighs.  And while waiting on our appointed time, I took pics in the drive…

This is the yak outfitted…


The “IR” backband and carved seat from Joe @ Redfish Kayaks


Close up of handle, deck lines and deck recesses…


Ooooops, I ended up putting the builders tag in the wrong place, the seat covers the owners name and serial number.  But Hey, at least my name shows.  Hahahahaha



I kind of ran a little more shock cord than standard, but it just looked right to have the extra lines.



Boy does this yak have a lot of rocker…


Kevin (the owner) asked me to take pics from what it would look like from the cockpit so he could fantasize about paddling it during the build.  Here I am sitting in it while on a sea of grass… okay a small pond of grass….


Loaded on the truck for it’s maiden voyage….



She sits well on the water, and I am way over the ideal weight for this yak…


Damn is this yak fast!!!


20″ wide yaks are not designed for fat paddlers…



Here are my classic on the beach shots…


You can really see the rocker in this pic…


It just looks so good on my truck, I had to do another of it leaving the beach


Here it is on the trailer, packed away till it is time to deliver it next week


I thought it looked good to be sitting with Peggy’s Guillemot L


Well stay tuned for in 2 weeks I should have pics of it being paddled by her owner on one of the finest lakes in Tennessee.  Norris Dam here we come!!!