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Redfish King (part 5 finishing)

In Redfish King, Wood Kayak on July 6, 2009 at 1:03 am

08/01/09    As of today I now have 5 coats of varnish all the way around and have used about 1 1/2 quarts of varnish.  I started the day by lightly wet sanding the deck (actually I started at 4:30am doing water support for a local triathalon), and then I installed the hatch foam and the shock cord for the hidden hatches.  Washing the yak of any slurry, I was impressed I could not spray any water in to the hatches.



Then I managed to get 2 coats of varnish sprayed on today…




and with a little touch ups and the handles tomorrow, I should be ready for dry buffing on monday.  Fit the seat, backband, and deck lines!  Then it will be time to test her out in the water and make sure it is ready for delivery on the 13th.

07/28/09  I was out at 6am wet sanding the entire yak down.  The varnish I am using is working out nicely.  It is “Epifanes” High Gloss and is working out smoother than the Interlux Schooner I have used in the past.  The only down side to this stuff is the drying time, it seems to take a lot longer… 24 hrs instead of 12 hrs.

This is just one coat of varnish, it is really high gloss




After sanding it down I washed it off, flipped her upside down and put my first coat of varnish on the hull.  I am using 4″ foam rollers for the base coats to build it up, and then I will wet sand it down (deck done that way already).  Then I will spray the last 2 coats for that mirror finish

07/27/09  Okay, I put the second coat of varnish on the deck before going into work this morning.  I will do another tonight after work and then being off tomorrow I will work on wet sanding the entire yak and putting 2 more coats of varnish then wet sand it smooth and on Wed a final spray on the deck.  That will have to cure a couple of days before I can flip her over and start the hull.

07/26/09  I put the first coat of varnish on this evening after wet sanding the deck.

07/24/09 AM    I had some epoxy problems that took some time to correct, but this morning I started my end pours starting with the stern.  Trying to decide how to do this not having a shop with a 14 foot ceiling anymore, I decided to use my flag pole.  And being a patriot, I decided to leave my flag up for all to see that this is a USA made Kayak.




PM… I flipped her over and did the bow



and the view from my desk…



7/14/09  I got the thigh braces installed and filleted tonight.


Figured as long as I had my good camera out, I would do full pics.  The first is what you will see when on the water


and this is what everyone will see when on the water…


07/12/09  After getting up at 4 AM to work Water Safety for a local Triathalon, I came home to work on the yak.  I put the yak on one edge and sanded the other.  Hoping to control drips in this method


And while taking pics of my shop for a listing in Blue Heron Forum I thought I would take pics of some things I haven’t shown like the name tag that is mounted inside the cockpit area.


and the only graphic included on this yak complete with wet sanding slurry LOL


and how the deck is looking so far…



07/09/09  Today I started wet sanding the deck before putting a finish coat of epoxy on.  I have several days of this with nothing new to see.  I hope to start varnishing next week.

07/08/09   Bulkheads… I hate bulkheads!  They take so much time and there is really no reward. LOL  The pics make my fillets look sloppy, but you cant see it in person.   I also got the hatch rims cut down to the right size.




07/07/09 today I got the foot braces installed


07/06/09  Today I glued the hatch rims in, and it is time to put most of the clamps away now.

07/05/09  Lets see… the things I got done this weekend.  Well I worked on different handles, now it is time to figure out what style I wanna use.


I also made and  installed the spacers for the hatch lips out of 1/4 inch mahogany ply.  As you can tell from the pics, you can never have to many clamps.




I also made the blocks for the hatch hold downs.  Yes for those of you following this blog I had made some before but I was not thrilled with the style of them, so I decided to make new ones.  I like these much better.


DSCF2639 DSCF2640

Then I put the final coat of epoxy on the inside of the yak.