Guillemot L (part 4 in the water)

In Guillemot L, Wood Kayak on April 16, 2009 at 2:50 am

04/19/09  After some modifacations I used this boat for “Water Safety” for a local swim meet.  It started out with a light chop on the water and was a good test on how the yak performs.  Let me tell you, it turns on a dime, is very playful and easy to handle.  The secondary is right on, you know exactly where it is.  And speed?  It has lots!!!   And although when paddling the bow creates a splash, so I was very currious what it would do in waves.  The splash is there, but it is pushed out the side.  No matter how hard this yak crashed down on the back side of a wave, my skirt and PFD remained dry.  I am impressed, I will have to think about making one of these for me…

04/16/09  John of CLC Boats was down here at Gandy Beach a couple of weeks ago doing a demo and I wasn’t quite ready.  But then I decided where would be a more fitting place to try out my new yak than the same place.  Hey John… still looking for that “Anas Acutas” you promised us.

Pics of me playing with it on the Maiden Voyage…  She handles so very well!!!











And now I turn the “SeaHorse over to her owner for approval…


dsc02722Can you see the smiles?



  1. GOOD STUFF- Can YOU HEAR THE PADDLING CLARICE!?!?!? Silence of the Paddlers!! Peggy has a GREAT SMILE goin on there!! That is what it is all about!! WHY WE PADDLE!!!!

    Sea Turtle Sean

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