Chesapeake 17, a Yak from Down Under

In CLC Posts, kayak, Wood Kayak on March 25, 2009 at 1:35 am

The following pics are of the yak a Aussie I befriended from the CLC  builders forum built.  It is his Chesapeake 17, and the first kayak he has ever built, but not his last.  He is starting a Shearwater 17  next.  His name is Lawrence Watson but goes by the name of Wordsmith on CLC.  I am pretty impressed for a man pushing 70 and I love the Compass Rose he inlayed along with the curved paint lines to accent the shape of the yak.

1) first pic is of the finished craft including the cart he made for it.


 2)Nicely cambered and upswept one piece bow tip


 3) The extended cockpit


 4) Another pic of the combing


 5) Beautifully engineered “Smart Track” rudder system


 6) Birds eye view


 7) Stern view


 8) On the water



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