Coffee Pot Bayou

In Kayak Trips on January 30, 2009 at 2:12 am

Well I had so much fun the other day paddling to relieve stress, that my buddy Sean and I decided to go out again.  We were going to go to Egmont Key, but a cold front came in about 12 hours early, so we decided to go play.  We launched during a low tide from the ramp at Criss Park aka Coffee Pot Bayou.  We paddled against the wind (15-20 mph) up the channel looking at all the nice homes on the water.  We followed the channel out past the shallows before turning south towards the pier.  Again going into the wind so we didn’t have to fight it coming back.  Well as you can guess, high winds, beach shelf, open water, coming cold front storm all produce FUN!!!  The waves were between 3 1/2 to 5 feet, the ketch was close.  As the bow rose and crashed on the first wave, it would plow thru the second wave, and all you could do on the third was to lean forward and get covered.  The yaks would bounce out of the 3rd wave like a little submarine.  Even though we were only about 3/4 of a mile off shore, when I got tired I decided to head for the beach for a little bite of lunch and some fresh water.  With a constant brace and sweep, it took over 30 minutes to reach shore.  Once on shore, you could look back from where we came and the water looked sooooo calm.  It was hard to vision what we just went through.  I realise that we were standing on the backside of the waves, but it is amazing to me how deceiving the water can be sometimes.

After our break, we paddled into the Vinoy Basin to look at all the sailboats moored up in there.  Trust me there are a lot of very nice boats.  When Sean and I were done drooling, we followed the shore line back to the mouth of Coffee Pot and back  up the channel to the ramp.  Even though it was a fairly short paddle, 4 hours or so, I felt like we got the workout I was looking for.

Well, I woke this morning with my stomach and ankle muscles sore.  Yeh???  I guess I was bracing more than I thought?  I guess I am glad I didn’t break off one of my foot pegs. LOL  Now we have to wait for the rain to end before the next adventure.

  1. Not Fair…I had to work!!! You had way too much fun.

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