Posting Progress

In Kayak Trips on January 16, 2009 at 3:47 am

I am Happy to tell everyone that I have some good friends that are going to circumnavigate the Florida Keys and I get to update thier progress on a daily report on both my blog and thier web page



I will be using the following map everynight to show thier progress and hopefully a few words on the days events mainkeys


Left to right is Bryan Doleman, Sean Fitzgibbons, and Jeff Fabiszewski



I am also happy to let everyone know that Jeff Fabiszewski will be paddling one of my boats. My Whale which is my first wood strip kayak, a Guillimot Expedition Single.dscf2024

Sean Fitzgibbon will be using his new Atlantis MisT which I was able to help him aquire.2980734735_e4f17fc982

And although I have not checked with him yet, I am sure Bryan Doleman will be using his favorite Eddyline yak.

Be sure to check in for the updates starting January 18th.


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